About us
Retire/long term Options

Jennifer Churchill: Owner and operator, she has been running her own horse farm for over 19 years. Originally from Massachusetts, Jennifer owned a 30 horse facility in which she trained and taught children for the hunter and jumper show ring. Along side of teaching she bred ponies for children of all sizes and ages. Now that she is in North Carolina, Jennifer is looking forward to doing a little more breeding and a little less teaching, and starting a small retirement farm for the special few that may want some TLC.

Peter Churchill: Owner, he has been helping Jennifer for the pasted 19 years with all aspects of the barn life. He wears many hats on the farm from stall cleaner to pasture/pond maintenance worker, to repair man. He does it all.  While all of the hats fitting so well, he somehow still finds time for his real job in the computer hardware industry.

Cole Churchill: Landscape manager. Cole has taken on the duty of keeping our fine barn and its surroundings looking beautiful and green for all of our horses to enjoy.

Becca Churchill: Excercise manager. Becca is in charge of giving each of our horses the proper excercise that they may need for that given day or preperation for an upcoming show.